Protect Automotive Mold & Bacteria Treatment 4 oz.

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Enzyme Fogger
Use it in the air vents, your vehicle's fresh air intake, and as a full release mold and bacteria eliminating fogger! Formulated to disinfect and protect, DWD2 Clean Air Protect Automotive is an all-natural mold treatment spray for vehicle use that guarantees excellent results from day one. It not only cleans mold and bacteria but keeps working long after application to inhibit future mold and bacteria growth! If you are looking for a health-conscious and green cleaning product, end your search here. Our product contains naturally occurring plant enzymes and potent, natural ingredients. That will produce amazing results! We've designed Clean Air Protect Automotive Mold Treatment to be safe for everyday use. It is entirely safe around children and pets since it is non-toxic, unlike other chemical products, our Automotive mold treatment will keep you and your passengers safe and sound! If you hate harsh disinfectant chemical products that damage your health and eventually your vehicle as well, then we got you covered. Restore a healthy environment to your interior cabin in a simple yet effective way. Clean Air Protect is proudly made in the USA and contains no synthetic ingredients or fragrances.



Protectis formulated with natural, safe plant enzymes and extracts.




This product deserves a solid five stars.
After leaving the windows down during a thunderstorm, the car’s interior was soaked.
I had black mold everywhere and ugh, what a stench!
I cleaned as best I could the mold was winning.
I got the DWD2 Clean Air Fogger, followed the directions and It worked even better than advertised. I let it do its magic overnight with fantastic results. The mold was gone and the cloth seats looked like new again. The interior was like new!
It truly smells fresh inside, no oder at all.
Thanks for a great product that works as advertised!

Tampa, FL

Works better than Lysol for eliminating the notorious AC mold issue of modern Mercedes Benz models. Did not completely eliminate it in one shot, but noticeably reduced it by about 50%. My can was broken, but DWD2 quickly shipped out a replacement and gave me a coupon for future orders. Maybe a second treatment with a functioning can will do a better job. Great customer service, that is the main reason for the five star rating. Would buy again to continue treating the issue, and may consider their other products.

Charles G.
Gardena, CA



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